Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bloodletter Paint Scheme Test

One word. Primus. Two words: Pork Soda. Another fantastic album from the early nineties. I don't remember where I was when I first heard these guys but I do know what song it was:

Les Claypool looks eerily like Christian Bale in the video, compared to his look now...

Which more resembles Leon the Professional.

Primus gave music a much needed charge of personality and quirkiness. They also breathed some fresh air into a scene that was taking itself a bit too seriously at the time. The big albums back then were the late eighties and early nineties opuses  "Blood Sugar Sex Magic," by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gun's N' Roses' "Appetite for Destruction," Pearl Jam's "Ten" and of course Nirvana's "Nevermind." All amazing albums which spawned new looks and jettisoned rock n' roll away from the hair metal that dominated pop in the eighties. 

Enter Primus, who came in with a unique sound, bizarre lyrics, and a wonderfully talented front man in the form of Les Claypool. No one had heard a bass played like this since maybe Stanley Clarke who he includes as influences along with legends such as John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney and Roger Waters.

In an era dominated by boys who looked forward to ripping a guitar open just like Eddie Van Halen, spawning a decade of intense guitar rock, Claypool certainly stood out as a rare flower. He gave us all a wider appreciation for the instrument that usually sat out of the limelight.

Primus is the perfect music for painting any chaos figure, but especially bloodletters. Take a look below at my recent test paint job.

 You may notice something a little...Different...Yes, they're blue. I think it fits just fine and I'm going with it.

I've always gone a bit against the grain when painting an army. I own a few of them...Four now...Or is it five? Anyway the only one's that sort of match any sort of fluff are my plague marines. Everyone else has split off on their own, as you can see by my Nurgle daemon prince above.

Yellow Nurgle daemons and now blue Khorne daemons. Does the internet care? Well, I don't. Like Sinatra said, "I did it my way."


  1. Dude the blue guys look good. Do you plan on following your "pope" trend that you have going for the other bloodletters? Great blog by the way and good taste in music as well. Where's your subscribe button.

  2. Thanks. I'm loving the blue look. The pope trend was Lena's paint scheme, I just use her dudes as summonded daemons...Although people comment a lot on how much they like the pope paintjob.

    Just added a subscribe button.