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Ok, there have been some tasty rumors of late. Apparently after GW releases the new Brettonian stuff for Warhammer Fantasy there will be some Chaos Daemon releases. There's been a lot of speculation and many of us have our fingers crossed that some new greater daemon kits will be on the way.

One of the resculpts that fellow geeks most crave is the bloodthirster. GW, revitalize Khorne goddamit!

Can you say, "Pile of shit?" This old model is just awful and for some reason GW saw fit to repackage and sell this in finecrap, no less. Sigh...

A new plastic bloodthirster model will give me the centerpiece I need for the Khorne army I've always hoped and dreamed for. The thought of a new army seems ridiculous considering how much 40K crap and unfinished projects I have sitting around in my spare room, but I can't seem to get enough. That's how the hobby and the addiction to plastic crack works. 

The mighty Khorne is now the red-headed stepchild of the 40K scene. I can't remember the last time I saw someone throw down with the God of rage and hate and war. Years ago there was this Filipino kid, who played down at the 'Ardboyz in Central Square, who ran a fully painted, very deadly, all chaos marine Khorne army. He'd even shout "Blood for the blood god!" and "Skulls for the skull throne!" Damn, can't remember his name, but he was a wild dude. He utterly trounced my tyranid army with the old rhino wall tactic back in 5th edition. 

The army I'm planning will not be competitive. With almost zero shooting, and a ton of very vulnerable models with shitty armor saves, I don't expect to win many games. I will be building this purely for aesthetic reasons, for pure joy of the hobby.

This will be army number five. And yes, I still need to paint some of the new Tyranid models I bought a few months ago...

Self deprecation aside, here's what I've come up with for a list.

Mono Khorne Chaos Daemons 1750 list

Bloodthirster w/ 2 greater rewards 290
Herald of Khorne on Juggy, greater reward and greater locus of fury 130
Herald of Khorne with grimoire 85
Karanak 120
10xBloodletters 100
10xBloodletters 100
10xFlesh hounds 160
3x Bloodcrushers w/ Bloodhunter and greater reward 160
Skull Cannon 125
Daemon Prince of Khorne w/ wings, greater reward and armor 240
Daemon Prince of Khorne w/ wings, greater reward and armor 240


At higher points and with some more dicking around I could probably insert some Chaos Marine allies and have some berserkers join the fray. Like I said, the army would be aesthetic, not competitive, which makes the planning of it all the more fun.

The strategy would be to run forward and collect skulls. It would be hard for an opponent to decide what to shoot first and something nasty would get through...

We'll find out soon enough if GW releases a bloodthirster model. Let's keep our fingers crossed. If they don't I'll have to find a detour.

Forgeworld makes this bad motor scooter. It's a sweet model but fucking enormous and at almost $300, and resin, well, I think I can always admire it from afar. 

Although the new rules are way more forgiving to MCs than in past editions, this guy is just too outlandishly huge.

As far as alternative models go...The field is still open.

 This Avatars of War guy is cool, but needs an axe and a whip that fits his hands.

Although I like the sculpt, this guy is still a little too Tim Curry in the movie Legend for me.

Not bad here, but I don't like the wings. I'm also into posing the model myself and this one is very limited in how it can be put together. Again, no axe.

 Close, but no cigar. Might be good for a Slaanesh daemon prince though...

There's always the possibility of converting something and the internet has provided some good examples. I've thought long and hard about tuning up a Vampire Counts zombie dragon, but I'm still on the fence and the daemon release is right around the corner...Hopefully...

This guy came up on Google search. A Lord of the Rings balrog. It definitely gets the wheels spinning.

This conversion job has made its run on the interwebs. It's unbelievable, and totally inspiring. Food for thought.

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