Monday, August 4, 2014

Karanak Conversion

This is it. My pent up rage must be unleashed. Khorne calls and when the dark lord summons us we must answer. In other words...Whatever shitty music you're listening to right now--whether it be Kate Bush or some limp dick jam band--turn it off right now, put the volume as far as the neighbors will allow it for eight minutes and listen to the following...

When was the last time you really rocked out to a sick metal instrumental? I bet it's been awhile. If your eardrums haven't been exposed to something of manly quality for a while feel free to grow your dick back anytime by rocking out to Orion, one of Metallica's finest before they became millionaire douchebags.

Feeling better right? Well then, let's take it a step further. Take your pants off, whip out the air guitar and listen to some music that'll stick to yer ribs.

Here's another classic to wake you out of your musical torpor.

And once again here's some 40K stuff.

This is my Karanak conversion. I basically took the monster from the Warriors of Chaos chariot and stuck a rhinox head on it. A few more chain bits and some green stuff for fur rounded this dude out.

 Yeah baby!


 The sweet resin base is from Sam Butler's Rivetzone Enterprises.

I like it because Karanak, er, I mean Clydie Poo, looks like he's punching a mean dent in the terrain there. Fits him well.

Here's the size comparison. Perfect eh?

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