Saturday, August 30, 2014

I Came to Bring the Pain...

...Hardcore from the brain...

What else can be said about the Method Man? If you didn't rock out to this song continuously back in the day well then...I don't know, maybe you were a gigantic tool.

It's been almost a month since my last post. I haven't been able to escape reality much as I've been working on a new screenplay and enjoying the joyous month of August.

The painting has been going pretty steady, however. The annual 'Ardboyz doubles tourny is on September 20 and Sean and I are looking to bring the pain, Nurgle style. Not sure if I want to run straight up Chaos Space Marines or some Daemons. I'll have to bust out some cultists if it's the former.

 Here's my converted maulerfiend. Still no base. Haven't been feeling the bases lately.

 Tons of bits here from the Tyranid haruspex and Vampire Counts zombie dragon.

 I'm super proud of this guy. He's been sitting around unpainted for awhile now. Fucking rad, eh?

What's up GW? Why can't I buy some Nurgle rules for my maulerfiend? Makin this guy shrouded would be amazing.


  1. Dude, holy crap! That thing is gonna give me putrescent nightmares! With killa bees, from the wu-tang clan!

    Also meth, had the best delivery of all those guys. My favorite wu-tang member by far, though rza ain't no joke...