Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Soon to Fill our Lungs, the Hot Winds of Death

This post is dedicated to Polythemus, the only friend of mine with the balls to post on this shitty blog. Check his blog here. He gave me some flack about not blogging, but he's just returning the favor. I busted his balls a couple months ago about his limpdick efforts in the 40K blogosphere and he went at it like a sailor on leave. What goes around comes around son. 

Anyway...What's bumpin' everybody? (Of the two or three people that read this) I'm back and I'm fired up to talk about some 40K shit. The topic for today will be the five or so armies I finished ever since I started huffing on the ol' plastic crack pipe about six years ago. The one coherent thing about my projects has been that I always gravitated toward my own color scheme. I started with Tyranids and thought the three main hive fleet colors were rather gay and not so organic, so I thought "Fuck it" and went with my own, better scheme and booya! Hive Fleet Cicada was born.